Top Ten Most Expensive Universities In UK

Ever thought about the tuition of the most expensive universities in UK?

Many universities in the UK attract students from all over the world following their notability for academic excellence and quality research. But studying in the UK, especially as an international student, comes with a high financial cost.

However, the cost of studying in the UK depends majorly on three factors such as the institution, accommodation cost, and the subject you intend to study.

We have made some findings about the cheapest universities in Australia, but below are the top ten most expensive universities in the UK:

University of Oxford –  £27,840-£39,010

First on our list of the top ten most expensive universities in the UK, is the University of Oxford. Established in 1906, the university of Oxford is one of the most expensive universities in the UK, appearing in the top ten world best-ranking universities for about 10 years. The university offers various courses including science, medicine, business, law, and others.

Oxford University has more than 25,000 students, with about 12,510 undergraduates. Admission into undergraduate programs is very competitive, as there are about 24,000 applications for 3,300 places. 

The university is known for academic excellence and empirical research in many areas like medicine. The tuition fee for Oxford University ranges from £27,840 to £39,010 per session.

The University of Cambridge – £23,340-60,942

The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and is the fourth oldest academic institution in the world. It’s one of the world’s best-rated universities and attracts many students from about 147 countries. Hence, accommodation for students tends to be high. 

In 2020, the number of students studying at Cambridge University totaled 24,270, with 12,940 undergraduates. Furthermore, it has about 12,437 academic, technical, and administrative staff members. The university records about 20,462 applications for 4000 undergraduate places, making admission very competitive.

The University of Cambridge set her school fees at £9250 for state students. For international students, the tuition fees range from £23,340 to £60,942 per year, depending on the program. Medical and veterinary science takes the highest range of tuition fees.

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London School of Economics and Political Science – £23,330

The London school of economics and political science was a social science institution that was established in 1895 with its main campus in London. It has a global reputation for academic excellence and innovation in social science. In terms of research output, the university appears in the top ten best-rated, with 35% of its research judged to be internationally excellent.

This academic institution is committed to empirical research and studies about real-life issues bordering the areas of economics, politics, law, sociology, finance, and others. The London school of economics and political science has about 10,883 students. 46% of the students are undergraduates, and over 69.3% are international students.

The institution’s average tuition fee per annum is £23000, with accommodation expenses ranging between £13,200 to £15,600 per year.

most expensive universities in UK - University of St Andrews

University of St Andrews – £26,350-33,570

Established in 1413, the University of Andrews is one of the oldest academic institutions in Scotland, offering a world-class educational experience in the city of St. Andrews. The university is popular for its competitiveness in theology, divinity studies, philosophy, and arts and humanities.

The University of St. Andrews has about 10,485 students, with 97% undergraduate students and 45% international students. The institution offers flexible degree structures in many subjects like medicine and social anthropology. 

The university combines teaching and research to give students modern and workable knowledge in their field of study. Moreover, most of the academic staff in the institution are also researchers. Tuition fees for the University of St. Andrews range from £26,350 to £33,570 per annum.

Imperial College London – £35,100-46,650

Founded in 1907, the Imperial College London is a public research institute with a major focus on science-based subjects, medicines, engineering, and business. The university offers 100 undergraduate programs and 150 courses for master’s degree students.

Imperial College London is notable for its academic excellence. A graduate from this institution has the highest job prospect and the highest average starting salary in the job market.

The university has about 15000 students and 8000 staff. More than 50% of the student population are international students from over 140 countries. The accommodation depends on the hall and the type of room you choose, ranging from £102 to £289 per week. Tuition fee ranges from £35,000 to £46,650 per year.

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Durham University – £22,900-28,500

Next on our list of the top ten most expensive universities in the UK is Durham University. Established in 1832, Durham University is a public research university located in Durham, northeast of England. It’s among the top 100 best-rated academic institutions in the world and is also a member of the Russell Group of British research universities. 

The university has bagged the gold status in the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) award for its excellent academic outcomes. Durham University has 25 departments, offering more than 100 undergraduate and 190 postgraduate programs.

If you want to enroll in this prestigious university, be prepared to spend between £22,900 and £28,500 per year in tuition fees.

Loughborough University – £20,750-25,700

Established in 1909, Loughborough university is a public research university located in the town of Loughborough, Leicestershire. It’s among the best-rated academic institutions in the top ten national rankings. Also, in terms of sports, the university is rated the best as it has won the sports university of the year multiple times.

Loughborough University has more than 15,000 international students from around the world. It offers 144 undergraduate and 125 postgraduate programs in sciences, engineering, business, and others. The tuition fee ranges from £20,750 to £25,700 per year.

UCL (University College London) – £24,000-32,100

UCL is a multidisciplinary research university established in 1826 on Gower Street in London. UCL is popular for being the first academic institution to accept students from any class or religion and welcome men and women on equal terms.

The university offers over 441 undergraduate courses and 639 postgraduate courses. It has about 18,000 international students from 150 countries around the world. Entry into UCL is moderately competitive as it has a 48% acceptance rate. Tuition fees range from £24,000 to £32,100 per session.

The University of Warwick – £22,280-45,326

Established in 1961, the University of Warwick is located in London, England. It’s notable for excellence in research, as more than 90% of its research is considered internationally excellent or world-leading.

The University of Warwick has about 22,278 student enrollment, including international students from over 147 countries worldwide. It offers more than 220 undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering, law, finance, and many others.

To study at Warwick university, your budget for tuition fees should be around £22,280  to £45,326 per year.

University of Bath – £19,800-24,500

The University of Bath received its royal charter in 1966. It’s a public university located in Bath, Somerset, UK, and is one of the best-ranking universities in the UK. The Times and The Sunday Times ranked 8th out of 135 academic institutions. It’s also ranked as the best university in the southwest of England.

The University of Bath is reputable for excellence in education and research. It offers about 206 undergraduate programs and 99 postgraduate programs. Total student enrollment in the university is 16,711, with 80% being undergraduate students and 30% being international students. 

Tuition fee for the University of Bath for international students ranges from £19,800 to £24,500 per year.

There you have it. These are the top ten most expensive Universities in the UK. If you’re looking for a high end university that offers quality education, then these universities are your best bet.

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