Is It Right For A Woman To Depend On A Man Financially?

“ Women take longer to think If they should leave, but once They leave , they usually Never return.”

Imagine the perseverance and strength a woman possesses. A woman is only capable of so much more. Women are considered mature and potent, when it comes to managing an entire household or bearing and looking after children. As there aren’t any jobs other than these.

When it comes to money, the ever-so-potent women are labeled as incapable. Incapable of managing their own finances. 

No matter how bizarre it may sound, it is the truth.

Is It Right For A Woman To Be Financially Dependent? 

Despite the rise in the women’s employment sector. Financial independence is not understood by many, especially the ones that are married. It is not that married women do not work. They do. It’s just that, they do not get to manage the money. 

Not even their own money.

Some women find it quite convincing- to take a break from their work right after marriage. I personally would not entirely disagree with this decision. But you have to understand whether or not; the person or family is worth it. 

You do not always need to have a job to be financially stable. Here are some of the prerequisites to break free – from those financial shackles.

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should a woman depend on a man financially

Do Not Merge Your Finances

Having a joint bank account might sound hella romantic during that honeymoon phase. But trust me, when reality hits hard, romance will take a back seat. It is common among couples to have joint bank accounts.

These accounts are often handled by ‘ the man of the house’ . The word joint stands ironic, here. For the women have no access to these accounts.

It would be wise to have individually operated accounts, along with a joint account where both parties will have equal access. You have to be prepared in case of adversities.  In times like this, your financial assets will act as a blessing.

Do Not Quit Your Job

Do not.

I repeat.

Do not quit your job as soon as you get married. You have invested a considerable amount of time in building your career. Do not give that up so easily. Especially not because of your marriage. When a man does not have to choose between a career or a family, why would you? You can in fact, enjoy both.

In case the marriage does not turn out to be the fairytale that you had imagined it to be. Your financial stability will help you start afresh. You will not have to be that pathetic woman trying to make an abusive marriage work. Because she is at the mercy of her husband.

In certain situations, women have to quit because of health issues post-pregnancy. In times like those, do not disconnect entirely. Connect with your colleagues, and have knowledge of what’s new in your field. Stay updated; resuming work will be easier this way.

Be Co-Owners 

In a conjugal relationship, a time will come when you will want to purchase assets to your names. Be co-owners of the asset. Whatever be it, a house, a car, and so on and so forth.

It often happens this way that your husband might include you as a co-applicant of the loan required to purchase the property. But the property gets registered in the name of the husband because it is believable; for the husband to make the maximum investment. 

Always demand your name as the co-owner. During a split, the division of property will become easier.

Do Not Be Blind In Love

Do not sign any blank document produced by your husband or your in-laws. It is a common practice for husbands to take loans against the name of their wives to avoid taxes. 

More often than not women do not understand the gravity of the situation and sign the papers. Understand that by doing so, the husband passes on the risk to the wife. 

It is, therefore, advisable to not sign any document if you do not have the right feeling.  

Your Assets Are Your Assets

Women tend to receive jewelry and cash during the marriage. Remember, these are your assets and will come to use in times of hardship. Under no circumstance are you supposed to trust anyone else with these assets. Keep them safely with you. 


“A man is not A financial plan.”

Nobody deserves to be a financial slave, irrespective of the gender. The above article talks solely about the financial independence of women. Since women are the ones that have to struggle for it more. 

To all the young girls reading this article, remember being in love and being at the mercy of someone – are two different things. Financial independence is your right.

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