Top 10 Largest Cities in Canada by population 2023

Would you like to know the largest cities in Canada? Well, we’ve got the list of the top 10 Canada’s largest cities.

Before we go into this list, let’s get to know about Canada itself a little. Canada is an independent country located in the northern area of North America continent. It consist of 10 provinces and 3 territories.

Ottawa, also called Bytown or O-town is the capital city of Canada. The second largest country in the world by area is Canada, after Russia. It has a total area size of 3,855,100 square miles which equals 9,984,670 km2.

Despite being the second largest country by area, its population doesn’t seem to be that much. Canada has a population of 38, 526, 670 people as at 2022, making Canada the 37th most populous country.

Speaking of low temperature countries, Canada is rightly among the top coldest countries in the world.

Canada has two official languages and they include; English and French.

The population of the major cities in Canada keep increasing yearly as several people from across the world migrate to Canada with the aim of studying, working, or settling, as it is a country which has so much to offer.

Without wasting any more time, let’s check out the top 10 largest cities in Canada 2022.

The List of the 10 Largest Cities in Canada by Population 2023

The list of largest cities in Canada by population 2023 are detailed below in an ascending order of arrangement.

1. Toronto

The largest city in Canada is Toronto, having a population of 2.6 million residents as a 2023. It is also the fourth largest city in Northern America.

Toronto is located along the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario and it is the capital city of Ontario Province.

It was established on August 23, 1793, formerly as YORK, and was incorporated on March 6, 1834 as TORONTO.

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and it is a popular hub for international businesses, arts and finance.

Its land area has been measured to be 11,468 square miles which is about 4,427.8 km2.

Toronto is home to the CN Tower, which is regarded as the largest free-standing structure found in the western Hemisphere.

2. Montréal

Montreal is the second most populous city in Canada and the most populous city in Quebec province of Canada.

It was founded on May 17, 1642 and has a city area size of 166.60 square miles.

Montreal is a French city located in the Canadian Quebec province and at the Southeastern area of Canada.

The population of Montreal is over 1.6 million, making it one of the largest cities in Canada. Also, it has the 2nd largest metropolitan area in Canada after Toronto.

The most common language in Montreal is French since it is more like a French province, although English language is quite spoken but to a minimum.

Montreal is a popular host city in Canada when it comes to international events and conferences. In fact, in 1976, it hosted the Summer Olympics which was the first to be hosted by Canada.

3. Calgary

Calgary is the third largest city in Canada by population as its estimated population in 2023 is over 1 million.

It is a city in the Southern Canadian Province of Alberta, across the Bow River banks.

Calgary was founded in 1875 and its land area size has been measured to be 316.84 square miles which is about 820.62 km2.

Some of Calgary’s nicknames among others include; the Stampede City, Wichispa Oyade, and Cowtown.

Calgary is widely known as an energy city in Canadian Alberta as it is home to about 87% of oil and natural gas producers in Canada.

Although the City of Calgary is the third most populated city in Canada, Calgary’s metropolitan area is however the 5th largest in Canada by population.

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4. Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital of Canada and it is one of the most populous cities in Canada.

The city could be found in the southern bank of Ottawa River, in east of Southern Ontario Province, close to Montréal and the border of the United States.

The estimated population of Ottawa is roughly 812,129, which there depicts Ottawa as the 5th most populated city in Canada.

Ottawa was founded in 1826 as Bytown and was later incorporated as the city of Ottawa in 1855.

The city of Ottawa has a city area size of 1,077.34 square miles which is about 2,790.30 Km2.

Ottawa is quite popular when it is comes to tourism, and also popular for its international summer music festivals.

The city of Ottawa also has the biggest outdoor skating rink in the world and it has one of the most beautiful views of nature in Canada.

5. Edmonton

Edmonton is also one of the largest cities in Canada and its population has been estimated to be 712,391.

It is located in the Canadian province of Alberta, particularly on the north of Saskatchewan River.

Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta province and was founded in 1795. Its total land area size is 765.61 km2 which equals 295.60 square miles.

Two popular nicknames of Edmonton city include Canada’s Festival City, and the City of Champions.

No wonder it is called Canada’s Festival City, as it usually host several festivals every year around the city.

Edmonton is home to West Edmonton Mall, which is one of the largest malls in the world and the 2nd largest mall in North America.

6. Mississauga

In this list of the largest cities in Canada, Mississauga is the sixth biggest Canadian city by population, having up to 668,549 residents.

Bordering Toronto to the east, Mississauga is located at the southeastern part of Ontario Province, and particularly at the western end of Lake Ontario.

Its total land area size is 292.43 km2 which equals 112.91 square miles. Mississauga was established as a town in 1968 and later incorporated as a city in 1974.

Mississauga is home to the Toronto Pearson International Airport which is known for being the busiest and largest airport in Canada.

7. Winnipeg

The city of Winnipeg is located in the province of Manitoba, Canada and it is also the capital city of Manitoba Province.

Winnipeg was incorporated in 1873 and has a total land area of 178.29 square miles (461.78 km2).

The city is popularly called the Gate way to the West. Another famous nickname for Winnipeg city is “Winterpeg” and it earned the name winterpeg because of its usual long and cold winters.

The longest skating rink in the world which freezes naturally could be found in the city of Winnipeg and you could skate across the Red and Assiniboine River.

Winnipeg is among the biggest cities in Canada by population and the most populous city in Manitoba province. Its population has been estimated to be 632,063.

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8. Vancouver

Vancouver has an estimated population about 600 thousand people, making it one of the largest cities in Canada by population. It has some of the most expensive hotels in Canada.

The city of Vancouver could be found in the Lower mainland Region of British Columbia.

Vancouver is has the 3rd largest metropolitan area in Canada and It is however the largest city in the British Columbia Province.

The city of Vancouver has a city area size of 115.18 km2 (44.47 square miles). It was incorporated on April 6, 1886 and named after George Vancouver, a British Royal Navy Officer.

Vancouver is home to the world’s 4th largest cruise ship terminal and the longest pool in Canada.

9. Brampton

Brampton is the 9th most populous city in Canada. It is located in southern Ontario, Canada, on Etobicoke Creek, bordering Toronto to the west.

It was established in 1853 as a village and later incorporated in 1872 as a town and as a city in 1974.

Brampton has a total area size of 265.89 km2 which equals 102.66 square miles. Among others, a popular nickname for Brampton is Flower City.

The estimated population of Brampton is 593,638, making it one of the largest cities in Canada.

Brampton city got its name after a town in Cumberland, England, also called Brampton.

The third largest city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is Brampton and it was the first city in the GTA to earn the International Safe Community designation by the WHO.

10. Quebec City

Quebec City is situated on the Saint Lawrence River in the Province of Quebec, a French Speaking Canadian province.

It is also one of Canada’s largest cities by population, having about 529,595 people.

Quebec City is also the second largest city in Quebec Province after the city of Montreal.

It was founded by Samuel De Champlain on July 3, 1608 and later incorporated in 1832.

The city of Quebec has a city area size of 187.56 square miles which is about 485.77 km2.

Quebec City is home to the Chateau Frontenac Hotel, which holds the Guinness world record for being the most photographed hotel in the world.

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The Top 10 Largest Cities in Canada by 2023 Population

6.Mississauga Ontario668,549
8.VancouverBritish Columbia600,000
10.Quebec CityQuebec529,595

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Conclusion (Top 10 Largest Cities in Canada)

There above you have the list of the top 10 largest cities in Canada by population.

The estimated population data was gotten from worldometers website and other additional info are based on general research.

What do you think of this article on the most populous cities in Canada? Kindly hit the comment box below for any contribution.

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