Top 10 Richest Women In Kenya 2023

Have you ever scoured the net looking for the richest women in Kenya? If yes, then keep reading, because you’re in the right place.

You know, women are making remarkable strides and leaving indelible marks in Kenya. Not only have these women helped boost Kenya’s economy, but they have also paved the way for others to follow in their footsteps.

Just as we’ve written about the richest Yoruba men in Nigeria, in this blog post, we will look at the lives and accomplishments of these remarkable women. Not only their financial success but also the inspiring stories that have brought them to the top as the richest women in Kenya. Now, without taking much of your time, let’s jump right into it.

Top 10 Richest Women In Kenya

Here are the top 10 richest Kenyan women:

  • Ngina Kenyatta
  • Tabitha Karanja
  • Magaret Saitoti
  • Lea Wanjiku Muguku
  • Jane Wangui Njunguna
  • Mary Okello
  • Lucy Mwiti
  • Jane Wayiru Michuki
  • Wacere Marra
  • Dr Catherine Nyongesa

1. Ngina Kenyatta

richest women in Kenya - Ngina Kenyatta

Ngina Kenyatta was born on June 24, 1933, in Gatundu, Kenya. Her father, Jomo Kenyatta, was Kenya’s first president, and she was raised in a prominent Kenyatta family. 

Her upbringing has given her a distinct perspective on Kenyan politics and leadership. Ngina’s formative years were profoundly influenced by her father’s principles, and values, which played an important role in shaping her life and financial success.

Ngina Kenyatta is more than just Kenya’s richest woman; she is a billionaire who has left an indelible mark on the country’s economy. Her fortune, estimated to be worth $1 billion, has been amassed through a diverse portfolio that includes real estate, banking, and hospitality.

Ngina’s early involvement in land acquisition and development in the real estate sector laid the groundwork for her remarkable success. She owns a large number of land parcels throughout the country, with properties strategically located in prime areas.

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Her banking ventures have also been extremely profitable, with significant holdings in several major banks including Commercial Bank of Africa. Mama Ngina also owns stakes in prominent Kenyan companies like Brookside Dairies, Mediamax, Heritage Hotels, and Commercial Bank of Africa. This has not only distinguished her but also solidified her position as a respected figure in Kenya.

2. Tabitha Karanja

Tabitha Karanja was born on August 29, 1964, in Nyeri, Kenya, to parents who valued education and entrepreneurship. Her parents ran a small business, teaching her valuable business lessons from an early age. 

Her early involvement in her family’s business, as well as her pursuit of higher education, laid the groundwork for her future success. 

Tabitha Karanja’s $80 million net worth reflects her determination and commitment to entrepreneurial excellence.

Her journey to success began in the brewing industry, with humble beginnings. In 1997, she and her husband set out to establish Keroche Breweries, which has now become one of Kenya’s most recognizable brands.

Keroche Breweries has expanded its product line to include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, establishing it as a dominant player in Kenya’s beverage market. Also, Kenyan consumers appreciate the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and local production.

That’s not all, Tabitha’s accomplishments have been recognized with numerous awards. In fact, she received the 2014 CNBC All Africa Business Leaders Award for Business Woman of the Year, and her story continues to inspire young entrepreneurs in Kenya.

3. Margaret Saitoti

Margaret Saitoti is the third on our list of richest women in Kenya. She is the wife of the late vice president of Kenya, George Saitoti. George Saitoti was a prominent Kenyan politician, serving as the 6th Vice-President of Kenya, among other roles though he died in a helicopter crash in 2021. 

Margaret Saitoti was born in Narok, Kenya, and grew up in a pastoralist community. She faced her environment’s challenges, instilling in her the values of resilience and determination. 

Her rise from a pastoralist upbringing to a net worth of $21 million demonstrates her dedication to education and determination to succeed. She has amassed her fortune through a combination of her late husband’s legacies, entrepreneurial, and philanthropic efforts.

Not much is known about Margaret Saitoti’s achievements. This is probably because she prefers living a private life.

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4. Leah Wanjiku Muguku

richest women in Kenya - Leah Wanjiku Muguku

Leah Wanjiku Muguku, born in Kiambu County, Kenya, grew up in a family that valued hard work and community involvement. Her parents were small-scale farmers who instilled in her the values of self-sufficiency and community support. She was married to Nelson Muguku, a poultry farmer, and they had seven children.

Leah excelled academically because her family valued education. Her rise from a rural background to a net worth of $19 million demonstrates her commitment to education, community development, business, and stock exchange. 

In fact, at some point, she was ranked second on the list of highly traded women on the Nairobi Stock Exchange market. Also, Leah Wanjiku is the owner of the multi-billion Waterfront Mall. She established the mall together with her late husband Nelson Muguku.

Leah’s ability to recognize and capitalize on business opportunities has earned her a prominent position among Kenya’s wealthiest women.

5. Jane Wangui Njunguna

Jane Wangui Njunguna was born in Kenya and grew up in a Kenyan village in a family of entrepreneurs. Her parents ran a successful small business, and she learned the ins and outs of running a business from a young age. 

Early exposure to business operations and financial management shaped Wangui’s path. Her current net worth of $18 million reflects her determination to continue her family’s entrepreneurial legacy.

Jane Wangui Njunguna is a multifaceted businesswoman with investments in a variety of industries. she runs an investment vehicle called Filimbi Limited with businessman Peter Munga.

That’s not all, Jane Wangui Njunguna is said to own Ksh3.7 billion worth of shares in the bank where her husband serves as CEO and one of Kenya’s largest insurance companies. 

She has made significant investments in the real estate sector, helping to grow the Kenyan property market. Jane’s success in a variety of industries demonstrates her versatility as an entrepreneur.

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6. Mary Okello

Mary Okello was born in 1922, into a family that valued education and community service just like Tabitha Karanja’s family. Her parents were staunch supporters of women’s rights, and these values shaped her sense of responsibility and advocacy. 

Mary’s rise from a rural family to a net worth of $18 million demonstrates her dedication to gender equality, education, and also her entrepreneurial spirit.

Mary Okello is a prominent figure in Kenya’s financial sector. Her banking career began with a position at a local bank. She was the first woman bank manager in 1977 and founder of Kenya Women Finance Trust.

Her banking career has been marked by hard work and significant contributions to the industry. Her expertise and leadership qualities quickly propelled her to higher positions, and she later ventured into financial entrepreneurship. Her dedication to providing financial services to individuals and businesses has been critical to her wealth accumulation.

Aside from her financial success, she is well-known for her philanthropic efforts, which have had a long-term impact on society. Mary Okello’s philanthropic work demonstrates her dedication to social development. She is said to have been involved in several initiatives aimed at improving education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for underserved communities in Kenya.

7. Lucy Mwiti

Lucy Mwiti is a powerful lady with a net worth of $17 million who has broken down traditional barriers and secured her place among the wealthy. 

Notably, the Kenya Revenue Authority recognized this remarkable lady as a top taxpayer in 2017, with annual incomes ranging from Sh350 million to Sh1 billion.

As a result of this recognition, Knight Frank classified her as a high-net-worth individual (HNWIs) in Kenya. Her rise to prominence highlights Kenya’s changing landscape of wealth and power, challenging long-standing gender disparities. 

Lucy Mwiti has not only amassed significant wealth at an early age, but she has also become an inspiring symbol of transformation in a society that was once dominated by men.

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8. Jane Wayiru Michuki

Wealthiest women in Kenya - Jane Wayiru Michuki

Jane Wanjiru Michuki, a renowned Kenyan lawyer, businesswoman, and investor, has a net worth of $15 million. She has traversed a remarkable path marked by dedication, perseverance, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. 

Jane Wanjiru Michuki is a well-known Kenyan figure known for her impressive achievements in a variety of fields. She is the managing partner of the prestigious corporate law firm Kimani and Michuki Advocates, which is located in Nairobi. 

Notably, her law firm has a prestigious clientele that includes Equity Group Holdings Ltd., a financial giant in Kenya.

Jane’s financial acumen is equally impressive, establishing her as one of the most powerful female shareholders on the Nairobi Securities Exchange. 

With her financial savvy, she has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $50 million (equivalent to Sh5 billion) solidifying her position as one of Kenya’s wealthiest women.

What distinguishes Jane is her substantial 9.5 percent stake in Britam, a major player in Kenya’s financial sector. This stake is estimated to be worth more than Sh4.5 billion. 

Notably, she owns this stake through Equity Holdings, in which she has a substantial 44.4 percent stake. Jane’s strategic investments and dynamic involvement in the business have undeniably made her a trailblazer in Kenya’s legal, financial, and investment sectors.

9. Wacere Marra

The ninth on our list of the richest women in Kenya is Wacere Marra. She is a well-known financial strategist and investor. She secured her financial status when her late husband, Dick Wathika, held the prestigious position of Mayor of Nairobi.

Wacere Marra demonstrated her financial acumen by diversifying her wealth through various investment channels after inheriting a substantial sum from her late husband. 

Additionally, she owns a 21% stake in Sportpesa, Kenya’s leading bookmaker, which has proven to be a profitable asset. Her monthly income from this venture shows how smart she is in managing businesses and finances.

Wacere Marra has an estimated net worth of $14 million, making her one of Kenya’s most wealthy women.

10. Dr. Catherine Nyongesa

Dr. Catherine Nyongesa born in 1970, is a well-known figure in Kenya’s healthcare sector, known for her unwavering commitment and trailblazing contributions. Her financial success is founded on her exceptional abilities and dedication to providing accessible medical services in Kenya.

Dr. Catherine Nyongesa, a physician and radiation oncologist, is the proud owner of the Texas Cancer Centre, a vital healthcare facility in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. 

Her tireless efforts have enabled Kenyans to obtain medical care for conditions that were previously difficult to treat within the country.

Dr. Catherine Nyongesa’s financial success, estimated at $8 million, is a direct result of her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to her profession. Her impact in the healthcare sector has changed many people’s lives, making her a prominent figure among Kenyans.

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FAQs About Kenya’s Richest Women

  • Who are the top richest women in Kenya?

The top richest women in Kenya are Ngina Kenyatta, Tabitha Karanja, Margaret Saitoti, Leah Wanjiku Muguku, Jane Wangui Njunguna, Mary Okello, Lucy Mwiti, Jane Wayiru Michuki, Wacere Marra, Dr. Catherine Nyongesa.

  • Who is the richest woman in Kenya?

The richest woman in Kenya is Ngina Kenyatta. Her fortune, estimated to be worth $1 billion, has been amassed through a diverse portfolio that includes real estate, banking, and hospitality.

  • Is Ngina Kenyatta’s wealth from her father’s property?

Though part of Ngina Kenyatta’s wealth is from her father, she has her own businesses and investments.

Richest Women In Kenya (Conclusion)

As you can see, the richest women in Kenya make their money from a variety of industries, ranging from finance and real estate to manufacturing and healthcare. Their stories demonstrate women’s limitless business potential, inspiring the next generation of female entrepreneurs and leaders. 

These remarkable women will undoubtedly shape Kenya’s future as they continue to make their mark in the country’s economic landscape. Additionally, their success stories also serve as an inspiration to aspiring businesswomen and entrepreneurs in Kenya and around the world.


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